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Overwatch 2 will not release this year apparently

Published: 01:39, 05 February 2021
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Activision Blizzard stated that they don't expect Overwatch 2 to release in 2021, leaving the fans worried about the content draught.

Activision Blizzard held an earnings call on February 4, 2021, where they mentioned that there is no expectation to release either Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 in the current year. As far as Diablo 4 goes, the fans didn't really expect the game just yet but it's a completely different story with OW2.

Namely, the game seemed to be fairly deep into development when the public initially got to know about it as there was a playable demo along with several cinematics. The developers even explained the new skill system that would be usable in PvE modes but it appears that the game is still a really long way out.

Now, the fans would probably not even think of Blizzard leading them on by showing the promotional material too soon since we did have the whole Coronavirus situation that pretty much pushed back everything in the world but it's the lack of content that is the pressing matter.

The last hero Overwatch received was released in April 2020 and Echo was supposed to be the last one we would get until Overwatch 2. With February 2021 already underway, we are quickly approaching the mark where the game will have gone an entire year without a new hero which is quite disappointing itself but the implications of the new release date info make it even worse.

If OW2 is not coming until 2022, then the current game will not get new characters by that time either which could mean close to, exactly or even more than two years without new additions to the roster.

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