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Overwatch dev would love game's characters to be in Smash Bros

Published: 09:20, 01 October 2019
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Blizzard made quite the turn with Overwatch on Nintendo' Switch, going from 'not very likely' to 'hey, here's the launch date', and now principal game producer Wes Yanagi said he'd be delighted if Overwatch characters were in Smash Bros.

Yanagi pointed out this is just his personal wish rather than Blizzard's official stance, although we don't really see why it wouldn't be, considering Overwatch will soon be sharing platforms with Nintendo's brawler. 

"As a player and big fan of [Smash], I think that would be awesome", he told Gamespot, adding, "It would be an honour if Nintendo chose to bring one of our characters into Smash Bros."

In their Nintendo Direct announcement, it's been confirmed that Overwatch launches on Switch on 15 October 2019. While it did trail some competing games, most notably Paladins, in arriving on Nintendo's little guy, it's still better late than never. 

Overwatch's Switch edition will rely on motion controls for some novel ways to experience the game and Nintendo already the Legendary Edition on offer, with legendary, epic and origin skins for some of the characters.

As for the Overwatch-Smash Bros. crossover, this seems to be one of those things whose likelihood increases from the day it's first mentioned, and it's hard to imagine Nintendo staying away for long. Blizzard built quite the franchise and there's no reason to miss out on having that popularity work for the Switch.

We suspect that working Overwatch into Smash Bros. wouldn't be as hard as some other crossovers, seeing as how they already have their own set of powers. Heck, we can easily imagine Tracer zipping around the map and/or Doomfist pummeling foes into submission. 

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Blizzard likely to have their hands full with the launch of Overwatch, so we're yet to see whether their promotional activities brush off on Super Smash. Bros Ultimate. Either way, we'll be silently hoping for one soon. Not that we'd say no to Overwatch hosting one of Nintendo's characters either. Heck, that sounds so ridiculous, we'd pay to see it.

You can find Yanagi's statement .

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