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Overwatch 2 in for big BlizzCon reveal, with PvE, new map and hero

Published: 13:25, 28 October 2019
Concept art for Overwatch, showing one of the new heroes
Overwatch - it turns out the android with A on his forehead is not Athena

It seems like Blizzard is ready to spill the beans about Overwatch 2, as ESPN reports that this year's BlizzCon, which is due this Friday, will feature an Overwatch 2 presentation, along with a new logo, game modes, heroes and PvE features.

According to ESPN's BlizzCon sources and a training document they got their mitts on, Blizzard will be expanding Overwatch in just about every way, starting with new PvE game modes and PvE-oriented features. 

For many players, Blizzard is synonymous with storytelling and in that respect, Overwatch was a bit of an odd man out, at least when it comes to actual, in-game narrative, or lack thereof. Now, however, Blizzard will be revealing a four-player story experience set in Rio de Janeiro, which probably means Lucio is getting some spotlight.

There's a new mode called Push, which will join the existing set with Assault, Control, Escort and Hybrid. Push will debut on a new map, which ESPN's document claims is set in Toronto.

Last but not least is the logo change, but Overwatch's logo is about the same, except for the number 2 that sits in the upper right corner.

If these rumours are indeed true, BlizzCon visitors should be able to give Overwatch 2 a go, and this goes for the new Push mode and PvE story as well. 

There should also be at least one new hero announcement, although there's no word on who that may be. Will Blizzard stick to the design documentation, or are we looking the wrong way?

Blizzard Overwatch - Uprising Overwatch - Uprising

An earlier round of rumours pointed at remake announcements, also on BlizzCon, although it's unclear whether the 4 is just a lost-in-translation thing and actually refers to Diablo Immortal. 

You can find the full report .

Overwatch, new skins exclusive to Summer Games 2018

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