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Outriders seems to put a lot of emphasis on sidequests

Published: 02:06, 03 July 2020
People Can Fly

Video game developers convey the story and world immersion through various in-game elements and it seems side quests in Outriders are People Can Fly's preferred choice.

Side quests tend to be the spice that makes a video game world much more immersive when executed correctly. For example, a seemingly meaningless side quest to help an old lady get her pan back became both an important way to immerse players into Geralt's story and a great setup through hints left by his old associate.

While it's hard to gauge whether the amount of detail People Can Fly will put in Outriders can even compare to that of CDPR's work with The Witcher 3, the latest dev update certainly points to the studio taking side quests very seriously.

For example, they will not be made obsolete by the player characters' power growth since they will scale in both challenge and rewards, making them relevant later in the game as well.

These quests can be picked up in hubs which will also contain merchants and other amenities, some of which can be brought on the road by the player's truck. For example, you will always have a weapon vendor and crafting on hand.

Progressing the game through the main story will unlock new side quests, some of which will be hidden in hubs and other areas that were discovered previously. It is sure to give Outriders a bit of a Metroidvania vibe but some might be thrown off by having to tread beaten paths.

Outriders will also tell the less known details of its story through these sidequests and they seem to be fairly fleshed out so far. You can check out the full dev update in the video above.

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