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Outriders gameplay officially revealed by Square Enix

Published: 21:00, 13 February 2020
People Can Fly
Outriders - Rift Town
Outriders - Rift Town

People Can Fly are releasing Outriders during Holiday Season 2020 but they have revealed a lot about the game on 13 February 2020 via a live stream. There are details about gameplay, classes, the world and the story itself.

Outriders rubbed the gaming community as a mix of existing looter shooters such as Destiny, The Division and Anthem. In many ways they were correct as People Can Fly sprinkled some Gears of War vibes on the existing formula and created a gritty looter shooter that was about 10 months from release at the time of writing.

The gameplay breakdown trailer, embedded below, showed the cover-based shooting system that feels a lot like Gears of War combat, which is not particularly weird, given the developers' history with Gears franchise. The characters seem to be a bit more zippy, however, as running around the battlefield didn't feel particularly sluggish and heavy, which was one of the trademarks of the COG troopers.

One interesting bit is that the players will have several social hubs, such as Rift Town which his pictured above, but their own hub will be their truck. The vehicle can be customised with various items, including the heads of certain creatures you kill. Playing co-op will see the players creating a convoy of trucks where they can all check each other's customisation.

There will be four classes at Outriders' launch:

  • Pyromancer is the caster one with a lot of damage, highly reminiscent of Warlocks from Destiny or Storm javelin from Anthem
  • Trickster is the agile one that reminds of Destiny's Hunters or Anthem's Interceptor
  • Devastator is the tanky class. Think Colossus in Anthem or Titan in Destiny
  • Fourth class was not revealed during the stream

Unlike Destiny, The Division and Anthem, Outriders will feature gore as it accompanies the grim atmosphere of Enoch. At one point during the shown trailers, a humanoid NPC had his torso blown off with visible blood.

Regarding the story, half a million refugees escaped a dying Earth in a massive ship. When they arrived to Enoch, the first explorers were named Outriders but they followed an unknown signal and triggered an anomaly that either evaporated them or gave them superpowers. The latter group is now known as Altered and player is one of them. 

As they wake up from induced cryosleep, they will once again follow the same signal that wrought havoc on everything around. Taking a hint is apparently not one of Outriders' features.

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