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Upcoming Xbox backward compatibility update details surfacing

Published: 19:24, 10 April 2018
Original Xbox Logo
Original Xbox Logo

Before Microsoft officially announces the next batch of games for backward compatibility of the original Xbox onto Xbox One, some details have surfaced in the Marketplace. More cult-classic games will be added subsequently to the consoles.

Backward compatibility of the Xbox consoles has been a task which Microsoft planned since the release of Xbox One. They are slowly adding more and more titles to the console through the Xbox Marketplace as is the case with the recent events. A number of titles have appeared in the console's store just before Microsoft is scheduled to announce the next big update to Xbox.

The titles are cult-classics such as Destroy All Humans, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Full Spectrum Warrior and MX Unleashed. Recently, Sony has released Destroy All Humans for PS4 on the PlayStation Store as a sort of re-release of the original PlayStation 2 version.

Microsoft Xbox backwards compatibility feature Xbox Backwards Compatibility - Bringing classic games to the new console

An official announcement for backward compatibility of the Xbox is supposed to happen in the next two days, and we can expect more listings for titles in the coming months as this will probably not be the final update to the system.

There is already a hefty number of original Xbox titles listed as well as Xbox 360 games for compatibility with the latest console in this generation. Microsoft's official statement about the future of cult-classic games being ported over to the current generation is supposed to happen 10 April 2018, but it is unclear as to what they will announce apart from the aforementioned games.

Microsoft Xbox Backwards Compatibility - The announcement for the feature Xbox Backwards Compatibility - The announcement for the feature

Many gamers have asked for this feature since the Xbox One was announced, and Microsoft is keen on listening to their wishes and attempting to even port the games over to not only the newest console, but the Windows platform as well seeing as they have integrated the Xbox Live service into PC. 

Recent games that released for Xbox One in most cases also released for PC through the Microsoft Store, and the compatibility will be further explored with future titles. Hopefully the company will keep working on putting their money where their mouth is.

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