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Ori Director apologies to CD Projekt Red and Hello Games: "I screwed up"

Published: 17:10, 05 February 2021
Updated: 18:31, 05 February 2021
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Thomas Mahler asks "why are gamers so eager to trust and even forgive the snake oil salesmen?"

Thomas Mahler has released a statement after his ResetEra post where he called CD Projekt Red and Hello Games "snake oil salesman" went viral yesterday. Mahler apologised to those that he "mentioned by name".

"Yup, I screwed up yesterday," Mahler wrote in his most recent tweet. He shared a lengthy apology to CD Projekt Red, Hello Games, Peter Molyneux and everyone who he "mentioned by name" in his rant over on gaming forum ResetEra.

If you are unfamiliar with the whole situation, Thomas Mahler is a Director of Ori games and recently he wrote a big post on ResetEra, calling CD Projekt Red, Hello Games and Peter Molyneux "snake oil salesman" who are deceiving players with false marketing and promises.

"If I go and buy a car and the car salesman sells me a car that supposedly has 300 horse power, but on the drive home after the purchase, I notice that he switched out the motor when I wasn't looking, I'd be rightfully pissed off, cause I was deceived," he wrote in the post. 

However, today, Mahler decided to apologise with another lengthy post. "Now, a day later, I've read the responses and I realize I wasn't thoughtful in the way I presented my thoughts, nor did I chose the right tone nor the platform for it. After I made this thread, we had a pretty long conversation internally about all of this and I definitely didn't represent Moon Studios the way I should have," he wrote.

Furthermore, he adds that players and developers share a common love for video games and should always remain respectful of each other. 

"I am really sorry, especially to those who I mentioned by name. I promise that I'll learn from this mistake and wish no hard feelings towards anybody," he concluded.

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