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Off the Grid shows off 17 minutes of gameplay

Published: 00:45, 19 September 2023
Gunzilla Games
Off the Grid finally shows gameplay along with ambitious plans
Off the Grid finally shows gameplay along with ambitious plans

Off the Grid is aiming to break the mold, which is evident from the new gameplay trailer, but the material falls short in some basic lessons from the past.

Back when everyone was smitten with The Division 's scripted gameplay trailer, people couldn't help but notice how out of place the dialogue is and unfortunately, it appears that the lessons from that mess were not learned even 10 years later.

Off the Grid presented 17 minutes of gameplay with three big-name streamers - Dr Disrespect, ImperialHal and Clix and frankly, it would have been better if it were presented as raw gameplay instead.

The streamers were obviously given a script that barely corresponds to their character but at least we got to see what the game has to offer and right now, it looks good.

Gunzilla Games are trying to move the boundaries with online shooters, which is evident with Neill Blomkamp's unique touch that immediately gives off District 9 and Elysium vibes.

The game takes place in a bleak future where the detached aristocrats see everyone and everything else as little more than toys to be broken.

Players take the place of technologically advanced soldiers who take on missions in what is said to be a 60-hour-long campaign which is way more than shooter games usually offer.

Once you are through the cinematic storytelling part, there is always the 150-player battle royale which also seems to want to reinvent the formula but it's evident many will sigh at seeing another battle royale.

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