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All Oculus Rift units go offline over expired certificates

Published: 21:26, 07 March 2018
Famous blue screen of death on Microsoft Windows
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift users who were excited about taking their favourite pet out for a spin were met with disbelief today as their Rifts showed 'Can't Reach Oculus Runtime Service' error. What's this, Windows ME?

Apparently, the error is down to an expired certificate that the developers from Oculus VR somehow missed. Indeed, it was the users who in the end found out the culprit was the Runtime Service certificate. 

The company addressed the Oculus Rift issue on the forums as well, albeit diluting the issue somewhat by describing it as "impacting the ability to access Rift software." Seriously Oculus VR - stop saying it's impacting our ability to access Rift - we simply can't use the darn thing.

Note that there was mention of some workarounds to revive your Oculus Rift, although most of them don't really work or are patchy at best. Some carry additional risk as well, so you're doing them at your own risk.

Namely, you may fiddle with the system clock, but as you can suggest - this may in turn cause a host of other problems with other apps on your computer. We're not sure that the attempt is really worth it, to be honest, especially with the devs looking into it. 

Oculus Photo of the Oculus Rift VR headset on a blank background. Oculus Rift

We must admit that the timing for Oculus Rift's failure is pretty unfortunate and we suspect the Oculus VR guys know it. With the Rift only recently managing to , it couldn't have been worse.

It is really unfortunate that a mundane issue as an expired certificate may stand in the way of Oculus Rift's dominance, but hopefully the developers learn their lesson this time. Great then, see you in March 2019 on the same news piece, right?

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