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Obsidian to reveal Tim Cain's Outer Worlds project next week

Published: 20:41, 28 November 2018
Updated: 20:45, 28 November 2018
The Outer Worlds preview image with futuristic pistol looking all art nouveuouuu
The Outer Worlds - First showing

Obsidian's much obfuscated next project titled 'The Outer Worlds' is set for a proper reveal next week during this year's Game Awards. Retro-futuristic banners, a countdown, and a jingle have now appeared on the developer's official page.

Obsidian have filed and secured a trademark for "The Outer Worlds" back in January 2018. The trademarks covered several fields including a trading card game, but odds are good that Obsidian have learned their lesson regarding dabbling outside of RPGs with Armored Warfare, so a trading card game is probably not what Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are currently working on.

Either way, after a long silence, Obsidian's official site has grown a couple of not so subtle banner-pop-up-ad things in the meantime, with a countdown announcing that the studio is set to reveal a new project during this year's Game Awards, informally known as the Awards.

The two former Troika founders, and current Obsidian leads, have apparently chosen a retro-futuristic approach to whatever The Outer Worlds might be, in terms of art style at least. And why wouldn't they, since it worked so well for the Fallout franchise Cain wrestled into existence and Bethesda are currently failing spectacularly to nurture.

Overall info is pretty scarce, but unlike with Fallout, Cain and Co. shouldn't be struggling for financial support with the project, as Obsidian was recently gobbled up by Microsoft.

The art/promo material on display has a distinct art nouveau feel to it, so we are most likely looking at quite a unique take on the whole idea of retro-futurism. 

The only things beyond the already mentioned that could hint at what The Outer Worlds might be, or might be like for that matter, is Tim Cain's closing at last year's Reboot Develop conference. During the talk, Cain alluded a lot to his idea of what a streamlined old-school RPG might look like. 

Obsidian Outer Worlds countdown screen showing space'rs chouce seal and annoucnieng special message The Outer Worlds

Either way, we will know more when the Game Awards creep around the corner. Still, Obsidian announcing a project during the probably costly proceedings goes to show how much Microsoft's influence can do for a studio or project once the giant gets behind something with his full girth.

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