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The Outer Worlds to be on Steam with mod support & 4K on consoles

Published: 01:07, 07 February 2019
Picture of some dude in The Outer Worlds aiming his rifle
The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment recently teased new information about The Outer Worlds coming up. They held up their word and now we know the developers will look to add mod support after shipping, 4K / 60FPS for consoles and sell the game Steam.

Fans of The Outer Worlds started suspecting that the game would be an Epic Games store exclusive after the initial announcement that the news would come on 06 February 2019. The news stream turned out to be a feature with Game Informer magazine, as well as a 131 rapid-fire questions interview.

Some of the highlights from the interview include The Outer Worlds' digital store of choice, which will indeed be Steam as Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky specifically mentioned the storefront. It is unknown at this point whether The Outer Worlds will be on Epic store, which would be a good thing that could work as a monopoly prevention measure. The important part is, the game is not exclusive to any storefront.

Moreover, the game will be released on PlayStation 4 as well, despite Obsidian being bought out by Microsoft. While we're on the topic of good business practices, when asked about microtransactions in The Outer Worlds, Cain and Boyarsky stated there wouldn't be any, with a firm "Hell no!". 

Those who enjoyed modding Fallout New Vegas will most likely have something to look forward to in The Outer Worlds, given that Boyarsky and Cain enthusiastically said they want to support mods, but that will not be worked on until shipping, when Obsidian will probably offer more details.

Obsidian are aiming to deliver 4K / 60 FPS performance on consoles, but this is will probably work that way on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, as per usual.

Obisidian Entertainment Picture of a pilot cabin of a spaceship in The Outer Worlds The Outer Worlds

When it comes to the game size and in-game features, Obsidian are still debating whether they should make a New Game+ option. They weren't quite specific about the size of The Outer Worlds, but they did say there will be two major worlds, with many dwarf planets, moons, space stations, etc.

You can check out on the provided link, for a lot more interesting info, such as character creation, power armour alternative, hacking, minigames and more.

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