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No more one second previews, full Battlefield V trailer is here

Published: 22:48, 23 May 2018
Updated: 11:06, 24 September 2018
Two soldiers on an explosion site in EA's game Battlefield V
Battlefield V

It turns out that EA and DICE's earlier tease was but an excerpt from Battlefield V's new reveal trailer, which marks the franchise's return to WWII. And what a trailer it is, as I'm sure you'll agree the results look pretty spectacular.

We seem to be looking at an in-game sequence but it barely matters because there's plenty of action here for plain viewing. It's just what you'd expect from Battlefield though - bullets everywhere and your sorry behind in the thick of it all.

The trailer was launched after EA and DICE's preview event, where the devs talked about what to expect from Battlefield's return to World War II. Battlefield 1's mode Operations is now called Grand Operations and should deliver the same experience at a larger scale.

Battlefield V will be getting co-op modes, one of which is called Combined Arms. Players will work together relying on stealth and various tools to help them in completing objectives.

Unfortunately, DICE were pretty scarce with additional information on multiplayer, which does make sense at the moment. Many enquired as to the possibility of adding battle royale and even though Battlefield V doesn't seem to have it at the moment, the devs refused do rule out the possibility of throwing it in.

Much like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's dumping of season pass, Battlefield V too dumped their variant, the Battlefield Premium Pass system. It seems like charging $50 after you've charged $50 finally sounds like a bad idea to EA.

This means that instead of having to shell out additional cash, players who've purchased Battlefield V will be getting all the maps and modes as they're made. The benefits of such a move, although not financially intuitive at first, are more population and consequently more profit, which is always enough to make EA's eyes shine.

DICE A leaked image showing the next Battlefield game will likely be called Battlefield V. Battlefield V - A leaked image for the next Battlefield game.

Battlefield V is slated for launch on 19 October 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Note that if you're planning on partaking in the open beta, you will need to pre-order the game first.

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