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IO Interactive ditches episodic pricing for Hitman

Published: 09:59, 10 June 2017
Square Enix

IO Interactive has announced that purchasing Hitman episodes individually will no longer be an option. Upcoming changes will only affect digital purchases and you still have 2 weeks if you prefer the original pricing model for some reason.

IO Interactive's Hitman has been broken up into episodes most likely owing to the studio's inability to meet its release deadline. This created a somewhat confusing situation in which players could purchase individual episodes that were sitting on digital storefronts right next to the complete first season. That is about to change in two weeks.

IOI Hitman Hitman

The changes were in planning since March, and players who intend to buy episodes they missed can now simply buy the complete package and have their game upgraded, while only being charged for those parts they haven't preciously owned.

"Our intention is to make ‘The Complete First Season’ the default option for new players to buy the game, now that all of the episodes have been released. Additionally, these changes will help us to lay the foundations for our future plans for Hitman", reads the official statement from the studio.

IO Interecative has recently been put up by Square Enix, along with the Hitman IP. This happened in spite of the game performing relatively well, but not actually meeting Enix's expectations.

IOI Hitman Hitman

The studio has assured fans that work on season two is still on track, and are taking feedback from players on recent changes via a dedicated Reddit .

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