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Free No Man's Sky 'Atlas Rises' update is coming this week

Published: 11:49, 09 August 2017
A vehicle is parked on a green area of an unidentified planet in No Man's Sky.
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky recently spawned an ARG and apparently more than a few people still cared enough to participate. Hello Games definitely still care about their game and IP. A new free update for the game titled Atlas Rises is releasing this week.

No Man's Sky update 1.3, called Atlas Rises will arrive sometime this week, Hello Games have . The update fill add fast-travel portals to the game and aim to improve the story. The full patch notes should reveal all of the changes that are coming with the update, but the studio hasn't released any more detailed information yet.

Telxvi No Man's Sky No Man's Sky

Hello Games has been silently updating No Man's Sky since its much hyped and troubled launch. The previous Foundation and Path Finder updates added base building and ground vehicles to the game, along with numerous quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

It's clear that the studio is not giving up on the game and are currently hiring additional staff, but the question is - how many updates is enough to remedy one of the most disappointing releases in video game history?

The game's recent Steam user reviews are mixed, while overall impressions are still mostly negative. No Man's Sky currently averages close to a thousand concurrent daily players. The game isn't really dead yet, but it's still a far cry from what was expected of the release.

Telxvi No Man's Sky No Man's Sky

Anyone interested in finally having a look at what the game is about on PlayStation 4 and PC, and will have a considerably better experience than players did on launch. It might even go on sale to promote the update a little, but the studio has not confirmed this yet.

We will see whether the new update can revitalise the game's userbase before the week is out.

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