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No Man's Sky patch 1.23

Published: 11:38, 22 March 2017
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky latest 1.23 patch to improve the frame rates on the PlayStation 4 Pro

This time around, the patch for No Man's Sky is quite PlayStation 4-centric, and offers improvements to the frame rate on the PS Pro, when the console is in 4K mode.

PlayStation 4 players, regardless of the version of their console, can now lock and unlock the frame rate as well. The 4K mode on the Pro will get up to five additional frames per second, which should make the frame rate more in line with the 30fps mark when the rates are locked.

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The HDTV owners will get 60fps in the 1080p mode.

When unlocked, some portions of No Man's Sky are reported to have reached 60fps on the base consoles. On the surface of the planets the fps count varies between 30 and 50, and in this case, capping the frame rate is recommended.

The patch 1.23 also came out for the .

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