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No Man's Sky Expeditions update now live, here's what it brings

Published: 14:38, 31 March 2021
No Man's Sky: Beyond, fan-made screenshot

Six weeks after releasing a major Companions update, Hello Games, have added another fresh batch of content to No Man's Sky via Expeditions update, which brings galactic expeditions, mission patches, new HUD and 4K UI and many other things.

Hello Games have released another major update for their space exploration title No Man's Sky. Named Expeditions, the update is now live on all platforms and it brings a ton of new stuff that players will certainly appreciate. 

The update arrives barely six weeks since the release of previous update Companions, which introduced pets, and a wide variety of other additions.

Anyway, the Expeditions update introduces an all-new game mode, which will change each season. For the first time, Hello Games will put all players together on the same planet and set them off on a community expedition. 

Through the Expedition planner Travellers can embark on a series of milestones, each bringing new challenges. Some of these are simple, others only for the most dedicated folks. Completed milestones unlock gorgeous mission patches to display and a host of new content that can be accessed across all saves.

Here's the breakdown of the new content:

  • Galactic Expeditions 
  • Mission Patches New HUD + 4K UI 
  • Expedition Planner 
  • Visor Tech Cross-Save Rewards 
  • Sentinel Balance 
  • Perf + Load Optimised 
  • Cross-Platform Naming Merge 
  • Improved Pinning 
  • On-going Seasons

Hello Games No Man's Sky running on PS5 No Man's Sky running on PS5

You can read more details about the update on the official PlayStation blog.

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