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Rainbows and fireworks coming to No Man's Sky in Visions update

Published: 17:02, 21 November 2018
Hello Games
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No Man's Sky Visions

Hello Games have officially revealed a new update for their space exploration title No Man's Sky. The new update will bring new planetary biomes, creatures, new flora and fauna, rainbows and fireworks among many other improvements.

Hello Games have really stepped up their game since the release of No Man's Sky Next and they are looking to add even more to the game with a huge new update dubbed Visions. The new content was hinted at yesterday after some players found a launch trailer for Visions on Hello Games' YouTube channel. Today, Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games has announced that Visions update is set to release 22 November 2018. 

Visions will bring a new colour palette with changes to flora and fauna. New shades have been added to skies and grass which will enable more unique and diverse alien worlds. Also, new types of water have been included along with more varieties of hazardous flora.

To make the No Man's Sky universe even more colourful, Hello Games have added rainbows which can appear after stormy weather conditions in planetary atmospheres. For celebration purposes, the developer added launchable fireworks just in time for New Year's festivities.

Players will now have more reasons to explore with the Exotic Trophies waiting to be discovered on Exotic Planets.

Speaking of exploration, new ancient alien bones can be found beneath the earth and they are particularly rare and valuable materials. Additionaly, players will get to raid procedurally crashed raiders which can be scraped for salvageable parts. This will be quite the task, as the crash sites will be guarded with corrupted drones.

Stormchasers who endure extreme weather conditions will be rewarded with new storm crystals which will glow during the worst storms. Players who get their hands on one of those precious materials can trade them for a small fortune.

Hello Games picture showing a spaceship going towards the planet No Man's Sky Visions Exploration

No Man's Sky will expand with five new planetary biomes and underground creatures which can be seen in the trailer. The update is also bringing a new Community Research mission which will allow the players to share their progress globally. 

Along with all these changes, Hello Games have fixed some progression, UI and visuals issues. The full will give you more detail on that.

No Man's Sky, a space exploration adventure by Hello Games

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