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No Man's Sky - Origins update is out now

Published: 14:31, 23 September 2020
Hello Games
NMS Origins 3.0 Update
No Man's Sky ORIGINS

A massive "Origins" patch (also known as update 3.0) marks the start of a new era for the space exploration and discovery game No Man's Sky, with many changes and features introduced.

Sean Murray and his Hello Games gang have launched the latest major update for No Man's Sky. It is part of their big annual update for 2020, in the tradition of Beyond update last year.

Sean Murray explained that it is called "Origins" because it is breathing new life into the games' universe. 

Hello Games have been breathing new life into the NMS over the past couple of years, and the community was getting bigger and bigger and more happier with fresh content.

Origins update brings many changes and features to already great game with the huge procedurally-generated galaxy.

The 3.0 patch adds more planets to the vast universe for players to explore and discover new things. Those new planets are in the addition to all existing planets in the game, and they can found in both existing systems and new solar systems that feature binary stars.

The worlds can now feature volcanos, huge mountains and buildings. There's also new dangerous weather introduced, such as firestorms, lightning and tornadoes.

Existing planets will not be touched by this new weather effects, as they will retain their existing formations.

There are also new NPCs added to meet on planets, as well as new fauna, and even sandworms, for the Dune fan in all of us.

And much, much more.

Hello Games No Man's Sky: Origins - a massive update (3.0) by Hello Games. No Man's Sky Origins update out today

Here are some patch notes from the latest update:


  • New planets have been created in most star systems.
  • Planets can now generate much more varied terrain, including mountains four times larger than anything previously possible.
  • Terrain generation for existing planets has not been affected, and player bases have not been reset.


  • Every planet has a small chance of becoming infested with bizarre alien growths. 
  • PC players with planetary visual quality set to ‘Ultra’ will see grass and other decorative props rendered out to larger distances. 
  • A number of issues have been fixed that could cause patches of grass and other objects to pop out of existence when close to the player.


  • The visual quality of cloud rendering has been significantly improved.
  • The pattern of clouds seen on a planet from space now matches the environmental conditions on the planet.


  • A large number of new, highly exotic creatures have been added to the universe.
  • Some uncharted systems may contain planets that are populated by rare cybernetic lifeforms.
  • The diversity of insect and flying life has been increased. 

For full No Man's Sky: Origins - Update 3.0 patch notes click here .

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