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No Man's Sky Next finally adding the long awaited multiplayer

Published: 17:01, 17 July 2018
Hello Games
The promotional poster for Hello Games' No Man's Sky Next
No Man's Sky, Next

I know, it's not easy getting hyped up the second time, especially since No Man's Sky broke more hearts than Waluigi, but the teaser for Next, the game's next expansion, launches on 24 July 2018 with the long, long awaited multiplayer.

As you can see from Next's teaser, even without the multiplayer - No Man's Sky is definitely not the game it was at launch, in more ways than one. I must admit, it's even more gorgeous than the last time I've seen it and it may be time to give it a whirl come next week.

Of course, we're sure that Hello Games felt the lack of multiplayer much more than any of us did, seeing as how No Man's Sky's playerbase dropped like a rock immediately after launch. Personally, I can't even recall a game whose hype backlashed as badly.

The most faithful No Man's Sky fans stuck around through three major updates and even though each one delivered substantial improvements to No Man's Sky, none of them were multiplayer. Yeah, it was that important, not least for lending itself perfectly to what other games have utilised to make truckloads of fun, which equated to truckloads of money. A win-win, if you will.

No Man's Sky Next will let you team up with friends and explore the vast universe, where you'll be bumping into others freely. Finally turning into the sandbox game it was always meant to be, you'll be choosing whether you'll make science your trade, or simply frolic and slash a few throats while you're at it.

Conveniently, Xbox One owners will have skipped the whole disappointing launch ruckus as they'll be getting the complete No Man's Sky package, Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and Next updates included. Hello Games have already announced Xbox One X to be running the game in 4K and HDR.

Hello Games Promotional image for the upcoming update to No Man's Sky and subsequent Xbox One port. No Man's Sky NEXT

I've got to say though, it's always nice seeing developers passionate about their games in thick and thin and No Man's Sky is no exception. Perhaps it would only be fair that Next restored the game to what we were told it would be, not what we received. I know, Batman said it better.




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