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Rumour: Cheaper Nintendo Switch variant to launch in Q3 2019

Published: 15:38, 18 April 2019
A Nintendo switch with the joycon undocked.
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo could launch a brand new Nintendo Switch in just a few months according to the latest rumours in Japan's newspaper Nikkei. Apparently, the company plan to launch a cheaper version before they release a more powerful variant.

Earlier this month, a report in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Nintendo aim to launch not one but two new Switch consoles this year. The report claimed that the new consoles could drop "as early as this summer" if everything goes as planned.

Shortly after the initial report, Eurogamer's sources, who are close to Nintendo, said that Nintendo are indeed planning to launch two Switch consoles this year - one targeted at avid gamers and another for casual players. 

The latter version would be a cheaper product and it would lack several features such as vibration, dock and connection to the TV screen. However, the latest report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei claims that the cheaper version will maintain the ability to dock and project its display to a connected television and it's currently scheduled to launch before the powerful variant - sometime in Q3 2019.

A more powerful variant of the new Switch is described as "next-generation device" and the report claims it will be a comprehensive overhaul from the currently available version. This one is further off and it's unclear if Nikkei is referring to the enhanced Switch version that was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo responded to rumours after the initial report by saying that they did not officially announce anything and that they won't comment on speculations and rumours. Nintendo are still keeping their cards close to their chest but if the rumours are true, it shouldn't take long before the Japanese gaming giant officially announce the new hardware. The upcoming E3 is certainly one of the places for the potential announcement. 

Nintendo Nintendo Switch console being placed in a holder on a wooden table. Nintendo Switch

You can check Nikkei's report on their but keep in mind that you'll have to use Google Translate if you want more info, as the whole text is in Japanese. For more details on the two new versions, you can check the earlier reports from and .

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