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Nintendo Switch with 4K support and OLED screen rumoured for end of 2021

Published: 18:24, 04 March 2021
Nintendo Switch console in docked mode, and a controller.
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo are once again making headlines with the long-rumoured Switch Pro, although it wasn't exactly of their doing, as reports claim we'll see the launch before Christmas.

Rumours of Switch Pro, i.e. more powerful version of Nintendo's flagship console, have gone on for so long now it's getting difficult to tell credible rumours apart from wishful thinking. So, hopefully, this will be one of the former. 

And judging by the source, it could very well be, as Bloomberg followed up on their last year's report on Nintendo Switch Pro. It is slightly more in-depth than the one from last year, and it should still be great news for those who are saving up for Christmas shopping. 

According to their findings, Switch Pro will feature a 7-inch OLED display made by Samsung, a nice step up from the regular console's 6.2 inches. 

Switch Pro is expected to pack more power under the hood, and Bloomberg claim it will be capable of outputting 4K resolution when connected to a TV. 

Unfortunately, there's no information on specific hardware improvements of the long-rumoured console, but the general detail should suffice in this case. After all, driving 4K is no easy task, and Nintendo could very well be preparing for a lengthy run of the juiced-up Switch. 

Samsung are reportedly planning to start the production of displays in June, which should then be shipped to assemblers sometime in July. 

Google screenshot showing Nintendo Switch Pro mockup Nintendo Switch Pro mockup

Hardware options are always a good thing even if Nintendo's focus has traditionally been on fun and gameplay rather than clocks and memory. Replicating the success of Wii has proven to be difficult, though, which is why it won't hurt for Nintendo to have a few MHz in store for rainy days. 

You can find Bloomberg's report here Bloomberg's report here .

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