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Nintendo Switch Pro rumours pop up once more

Published: 14:56, 25 August 2020
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We've been hearing whispers about Switch Pro well before Switch Lite hit the shelves, and now we're hearing them again from usually pretty credible sources.

Of course, introducing a juiced-up version of a console is not exactly a revolutionary idea for console makers, especially now that Sony and Microsoft turned it into tradition. In other words, it sounds more like a question of if rather than when, something where both sources seem to agree. 

Speaking of sources, the first report was made by Economic Daily News, a publication that's based in Taipei. According to them, Switch Pro, which by the way is not the official name, will feature improved interactivity and display quality. 

The second source is Bloomberg, who reported similar findings - more power under the hood and possibly even support for 4K resolution. That said, they claim that the specs have not been finalised yet, which could explain why the leaks aren't more detailed.

Both sources claim Nintendo Switch Pro launches in the first quarter of 2021, so about the time when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X mania has subsided. Assembly won't begin until next year either because of Nintendo's current production needs, so we suppose we're looking at the latter parts of the quarter.

Bloomberg cited their sources as saying that the release of an amped-up Switch will be followed by a "slew of games from Nintendo itself and related outside studios." Nintendo are apparently trying to cover everyone from casual gamers to hard-core crowds, although the latter may take a while if you ask us. 

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You can find the Economic Daily News report here (in Chinese), and Bloomberg's piece here .

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Nintendo Switch launch titles

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