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Nintendo Switch hits 34 million sales worldwide, surpasses N64

Published: 12:36, 25 April 2019
Nintendo Switch console being placed in a holder on a wooden table.
Nintendo Switch

As of today - 25 April 2019, Nintendo Switch has officially surpassed Nintendo 64 in lifetime sales it's been confirmed by Nintendo in their quarterly financial results. Since its launch, Switch sold 34.74 million units worldwide.

The Japanese gaming giant Nintendo shared their quarterly financial results today, and it's safe to say, the numbers are looking pretty good both for the games and console sales. Not only that Nintendo Switch is overall, the best selling console in Q1 2019 according to the latest report from  , it also officially surpassed the Nintendo 64 console in lifetime sales.

According to Nintendo, their flagship console, Switch, sold more than 34.74 million units worldwide since its launch back in March 2017. In the fourth quarter only, the sales were boosted by 2.47 million. The Nintendo 64 has a total sales figure of 32.93 million units worldwide and it took Switch just over two years to take the second spot from the iconic console.

As for the game purchases on Switch and N64, well, the older console beats the current flagship here. N64's software sales figure stands at 224.97 million units, which means that approximately seven games have been sold for every purchased console. Nintendo Switch's lifetime games sales reached a figure of 187.52 million meaning that roughly five games have been sold for every console.

Of course, Switch is still a long way off the Nintendo's best selling consoles - Nintendo DS and Wii U. Both of these consoles reached staggering sale numbers but DS is the reigning king with 154.02 million units sold and 948 million software sales.

Nintendo Wii is behind with 101.63 million consoles sold while 920.81 million software sales have also been registered. For a closer look at these numbers and the full list of sale numbers for all Nintendo consoles, visit the .

Nintendo Nintendo DS, Lite, i & the iXL. Nintendo DS, Lite, i & the iXL.

In other Nintendo news, the company CEO Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed earlier today that they have at this year's E3. As you may know, some reports suggested that two new are set to release by the end of 2019.

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