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Nintendo Switch exceeds 4 million sold units in Japan after selling 52 thousand last week

Published: 22:15, 29 March 2018
The dock is a massive design failure.

Nintendo's creepy dream of everyone owning zee Switch once they come of console age seems to be progressing at a steady pace, with the console having sold 52 thousand units in Japan last week, bringing its total to 4 million units sold.

Nintendo has really struck gold with their lucky number seven, with howing the Switch has broken the 4 million milestone and proudly marches on.

Having sold 52 thousand units last week alone, the Switch keeps humiliating its predecessor, the Wii U, by hefty margin. The former has beaten the Wii U's lifetime sales in just eight months after launch.

Studio Wildcard Hands holding a Nintendo Switch, which plays ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Survival Evolved

In fact, the Wii U's entire US sales in January 2013, less than two months after it launched, just barely exceed last week's Japan sales of the now one year old Switch. Consider the population difference and we almost feel sorry for the Wii U. Almost.

In fact, it appears that the Switch is going in the footsteps of its pre-predecessor, the beloved Wii, with analysts quoting similar, if not superior, market performance by the Switch. However, not even the Wii bore the title of the in the first year following its US launch.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch

Naturally, the Wii remains Nintendo's best selling console, having been a reliable cash cow with upwards of 67 million units sold. While those numbers won't be easy to beat, the initial signs are good for the Switch.

The Switch has already been touted by Nintendo as its fastest selling console so far, despite the initial proverbial jury being out for a while following the launch. However, the console has since proven to be a huge success for Nintendo and practically gave the company a life line after the Wii U fiasco.

With , and Sega's Sonic Mania Plus being just some of the titles that have been announced for the Switch, you can rest assured that the console is here to stay. Let's just hope Nintendo don't sit on their laurels, like they did after the Wii.

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