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Nintendo Switch Online has amassed 9.8 million accounts

Published: 17:41, 26 April 2019
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In their latest financial briefing, Nintendo revealed that Switch's premium online service has reached 9.8 million subscribers, which doesn't include trial accounts, but it does include a number of discounted family membership ones.

The service went live in September 2018, and Nintendo mentioned back in February 2019 that the service was already at subscribers.

Interestingly, Nintendo Switch Online's free game Tetris 99 has proven to be incredibly popular, as it actually incorporates some battle royale elements.

Since it's been released in February 2019, Tetris had 2.8 million players and Nintendo are well aware that the game's popularity has done wonders for Switch Online's engagement.

In fact, Nintendo are planning "to implement in-game events to encourage consumers to keep enjoying the game", so there you have it - good ol' Tetris is having a Tetrennaissance.

Obviously, the company's subscription service is proving to be popular and Nintendo are cleverly implementing the family packages too.

Newzoo's research into has shown it's got a great yet untapped potential for console makers, be it on the grounds of maintaining brand loyalty or actual profit. 

"11% of family gamers are big spenders on mobile games, compared to 7% of all gamers; 20% are big spenders on console games, compared to 17% of all gamers; and 16% spend big on PC, compared to 12% of all gamers," Newzoo's report states, so it's clear family packages are more like an investment.

Considering that the legendary Wii was easily the most family-oriented console ever, you could say that Nintendo are sticking to the beaten path, but they sure took their sweet time in getting back to it. 

Even the company seems to have adopted the Wii as the ultimate benchmark of success, mentioning and comparing Switch's progress to the beloved console several times through the report.

"During the second holiday season for Nintendo Switch, it approached the momentum shown by Wii", the company wrote.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch sales compared to predecessors Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has recently hit units sold, surpassing N64, and judging by the report, its launch and distribution in China is likely to be handled by Tencent.

You can find the full report .

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