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Nintendo are introducing Labo themed Nintendo Switches

Published: 10:12, 27 June 2018
Picture of a Nintendo Switch that is themed after Nintendo Labo
Nintendo Switch Labo

Nintendo will run another Nintendo Labo creation contest, running from 19 July to 20 August 2018. They are encouraging people to send videos of their Labo creations to get a chance to win several prizes, including the Nintendo Labo Switch.

Nintendo Labo owners will be able to win one of the three prizes, provided they actually win in the cardboard painting contest, with one grand prize per category. Grand prize consists of three parts. One of them is a "framed award certificate signed by Nintendo Labo developers" which may or may not be that attractive to contestants.

Second award is a jacket with Nintendo Labo logo on it, so you can become a walking advert for Labo and the main prize is the titular Nintendo Switch that will be themed after Nintendo Labo, as seen on the picture above.

There will also be runner up prizes for each category, which consist of the aforementioned Nintendo Labo jacket and a pair of Joy-Con controllers themed after Labo, Switch not included. Now this is somewhat weird, as the controllers will have the cardboard paint scheme and if you put them on a regular Switch, you will definitely notice something is off.

The front of your Switch may not look bad with brown Joy-Cons as it is mostly the system's display there, but the back side will likely be kind of weird mix of black plastic and cardboard colour.

Anyway, in order to enter the contest, you will need to create a Toy-Con musical instrument for the first category or a video with your "Best gaming experience" by using the Toy-Con garage. If you're not sure what kind of content you want to submit, you may want to check out the .

Nintendo Some of the possibilities for Nintendo Switch's controller conversion. Nintendo Labo

Before submitting an entry, you may also want to check out the in order not to get disqualified at the very beginning. Descriptions of what kind of content you can submit in each category can be found on .


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