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Ninja's switch from Twitch to Mixer beats his average as of late

Published: 11:08, 03 August 2019
Picture of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins from CNBC
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins

Popular streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins' decision to switch from Twitch to Microsoft's streaming platform, Mixer, has opened many an ethical discussion it seems, but when it comes to viewership, Ninja's fortunes seem to be improving.

The move came as quite a surprise although Ninja claims he's been sitting on the information for a while now, which may even explain his slightly diminished performances as of late.

Nevertheless, his switch to Mixer appears to have brought out the best of him, as he was quickly racking up wins and showcasing his trademark insane skills, despite admittedly playing only two games in Fortnite's .

As far as viewership goes, it seems that the most faithful Ninja supporters followed their champ to Mixer without many issues. Granted, they lacked some emoticons from Twitch, but Microsoft somewhat compensated with the customised Ninja ones. 

Lightstream's detailed breakdowns showed that Ninja's Twitch weekly average on Twitch, excluding his Fortnite World Cup performances for obvious reasons, resulted in 72,169 peak viewers and 40,209 average ones.

His maiden stream on Mixer, on the other hand, attracted 93,148 peak viewers and 62,988 average viewers, which is a 20,979 and 22,779 difference, respectively.

Now, it has to be said that this is far from his all-time best on Twitch, but then again - so were his recent streams on the platform. All the hoopla around his switch arguably should've resulted in bigger numbers, but it's still an improvement.

It will be interesting to see whether Ninja's streams maintain, increase or dip in numbers in the following weeks, as the hype over the switch dies down.

In terms of the platform itself, we correctly that many Twitch-exclusive users will be pleasantly surprised with the platform and besides - the subs to Ninja are still free, i.e. no ads and access to custom emojis.

Google DJ Marshmello and Ninja getting ready for the tournament DJ Marshmello and Ninja

In the meantime, many have raised ethical issues over platforms purchasing streamers as if they were commodities and not humans. However, those views seem pretty shortsighted for someone who can turn on ESPN and watch all sorts of purchased humans performing for the team that shells out the most.

Check out Lightstream's of Ninja's first stream.

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