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Square Enix register a new trademark for NieR

Published: 08:26, 18 December 2019
Updated: 08:36, 18 December 2019
Square Enix
picture showing two characters from Nier: Automata
Nier: Automata

Japanese publisher Square Enix have filed a brand new trademark for their action-adventure, suggesting that a remake or remaster of the original could bein the works.

A lot of players only found out about NieR after Square Enix announced NieR: Automata, a sequel to the original NieR which is a spin-off sequel of the Drakengard series. Automata was a much better game than the original and it's not surprising that many players only found out about the series once the second game arrived.

However, there's a lot of those who enjoyed the game and spent a lot of time playing it, especially after they fell in love with Automata. If you're one of these players, we assume you'll be pretty happy to hear that a remake or a remaster of the 2010's NieR could be on the way.

Japanese publisher Square Enix filed a trademark in Japan under a single-word title - NieR. Now, this doesn't have to mean much as it's just a trademark and it's possible that Square Enix are using it to cover the whole franchise, which includes NieR Gestalt/Replicant, Automata and other related projects. 

That being said, it's also possible that a remake or a remaster of the original is on the way. Shortly after Automata released, the creator of the series Yoko Taro suggested that he would love to bring back 2010's NieR as a remake if the sequel sold well. 

NieR: Automata is a pretty successful title for Square Enix, selling more than 2.5 million copies as of March 2018, and this number has only risen since.

Whether Square Enix are indeed working on a remaster or a remake, or a totally brand new NieR game it remains to be seen, but something is definitely cooking in the Japanese publisher's kitchen.

Screenshots from Nier Automata - an action RPG by Square Enix

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
NieR: Automata

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