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Next-gen Commandos game officially confirmed

Published: 18:32, 03 April 2020
Updated: 18:55, 03 April 2020
Kalypso Media
Commandos 2 remaster
Commandos 2 remaster

Kalypso Media is fresh off the heels of the Commandos and Praetorians remasters and they are already planning more for the first franchise. It seems like these will be the nex-gen games though.

Kalypso Media announced they would be remastering Commandos back in 2018, delivering on that promise in late January 2020 with the Commandos 2 HD Remaster that came along with the Praetorians remaster.

The latter was received favourably while Commandos 2 HD Remaster had a rough road since the Nazi heraldry and Japanese rising sun flag were both censored, co-op removed and several technical issues arose. Still, Kalypso Media are not giving up on the IP and they are going to make a completely new game in the franchise.

It will be Claymore Game Studios handling the development from the ground up. This is one of Kalypso's internal developers and they are keeping a tight lid on the next entry's info, just like the publisher.

Considering that both Kalypso and Claymore will be based in Germany, it may still be tricky to get the Axis powers' iconography displayed in the next Commandos as it could pose problems in the country. Until recently, all games with such imagery would be banned but some are allowed now. 

The studio is still recruiting, so keep in mind that you can still get a job, although Covid-19 pandemic is bound to mess with the recruiting efforts.

Kalypso Media Commandos 2 remaster Commandos 2 remaster

Since the next Commandos game will be available on both PC and consoles, it is possible that the controls will be done much better than in Commandos 2 HD Remaster, meaning they will properly register, regardless of whether you are using a mouse or a controller. The latter wasn't supported in the remaster anyway.

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