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New world's leaked skins actually look good

Published: 07:54, 16 May 2022
New World - Leaked upcoming Light skin
New World - Leaked upcoming Light skin

New World has some skins that are coming in the future and to the surprise of everyone everywhere, they are actually looking good.

Amazon Game Studios created many breathtaking vistas and beautiful environments in New World . The sentiment extends for some of the gear as it looks pretty good and fits the atmosphere but when you factor in the store-bought skins, the view of the game goes down the drain.

People generally disliked the cosmetics in the store as they didn't fit the setting and what's worse - they don't actually look good. It appears that AGS might be onto something with the upcoming skin sets, however, as the Silent Death packs are looking pretty good, as seen in the datamined images.

The skin you're seeing in the image above is called Studded Stalker Outfit and it's meant for light armour pieces while it's accompanied by Metal Raven Outfit for medium and Pauldroned Fears for heavy armour sets.

All the info and images are courtesy of NWDB, which has a whole gallery for each set , with the armours seen from different angles.

Keep in mind that the standard NWDB disclaimer applies in this case as well, meaning the work-in-progress content may or may not ever see the light of day.

"Here's some sneak peak at the work-in-progress Silent Death collection. Since this content is datamined, there's no guarantee it will look exactly like this when launched, or if it will be launched at all." ~Xyo, NWDB founder

AGS New World - Metal Raven Outfit New World - Metal Raven Outfit

On the other hand, these armour sets look too good not to be released, especially because something like this can result in player spending, which will lead to recurring revenue stats that can be flaunted in front of the executives, giving the game a bit of a lifeline for al limited time.

AGS New World - Pauldroned Fear Outfit New World - Pauldroned Fear Outfit

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