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New World PTR update has players excited over next release

Published: 00:58, 16 July 2022
New World
New World

New World PTR has been updated with polishing for the planned changes and additions, leading some fans to believe the content is going live soon.

New World has a long list of updates that pissed off the fan base and it's a rare occasion that one inspires hype and the players actually can't wait for it to arrive on live servers. One such giant update is coming soon and it will reduce the grind when it comes to gathering and crafting, provide different revenue sources, remove dungeon keys and more.

It's for these reasons that people can't wait for the update, even though Amazon Game Studios didn't officially state when it might be coming. Some of the more optimistic fans now believe this will happen at some point during the week starting on July 18, 2022, based on the PTR updates.

Namely, AGS updates PTR several times after rolling out a big patch on the test server, in order to polish the content and make sure it moves to the live servers with as few bugs as possible. 

The latest update fixed issues with combat weapon mastery switching, provided polishing for the upcoming instruments and much more . Due to the extent of the fixes, the fans are now speculating the update to be pushed to live servers sooner rather than later.

Amazon New World - Heart of Madness New World

Considering it's themed after summer, just like the Medleyfaire event that's coming with it, this patch should certainly come soon.

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