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New World update finally adds Group Finder

Published: 08:31, 25 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Heart of the Tempest expedition
New World - Heart of the Tempest expedition

Amazon Game Studios finally pushed the patch with the Group Finder tool, which was meant to be released with the summer update.

New World 's summer update added a ton of quality of life changes, updates to the systems, an event and a new expedition, all of which were well-received by the community.

One anticipated addition was the group finder tool which would help players fill up their parties for various activities but primarily the dungeons, or expeditions as they are called in the game.

The tool was then delayed to one week after the summer update and then again with no ETA, until proper testing could be completed on the PTR.

Now it looks like AGS managed to test out to a satisfactory level since they pushed update 1.6.4  which finally adds the tool to the game. 

For the time being, the Group Finder will only work for expeditions. Upon reaching an entrance to an expedition or clicking its map icon, a player can interact with it and create a lobby for potential team members.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Maudlingbug swarm during Medleyfaire Medleyfaire was added with the summer update and ends in early September

That will open a new menu which will display existing groups seeking players so you can join up with others if you meet their needs and vice verse. Additionally, you can also start your own group here and wait for people to join up and properly fill the team.

It's unlikely this will completely eradicate the LFG messages in chat but it should be much easier to get people for your expedition now.

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