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New World players who encountered Trading Post bug will get it all back

Published: 06:17, 29 October 2021
New World
New World

Amazon responded to a major issue New World ran into as the devs updated the game to fix a bunch of other problems.

New World players found themselves in a pickle when they realised all those Trading Post sales that went through while they were offline didn't provide them with their end of the deal , be it money or items they paid for.

The bug was acknowledged by Amazon, who noted that while the TP issue is severe, it will not affect the players permanently. They are currently looking into a fix that could potentially end the problems with trading while offline but the patch will only be deployed after the devs feel confident it's ready.

Additionally, the forum post reassured the players as those who are missing gold or items as a result of the bug will get their missing goods when the fix goes live.

Another aspect of the trading post bug is that having active buy or sell orders prevents players from transferring to another server. Amazon stated this issue will persist for the time being but the devs are looking for a fix for the issue.

Amazon New World New World

The list of bugs in New World is pretty lengthy but it's reassuring to see the devs responding quickly to the most aggravating ones and while this is a rough launch, New World might just have a shot at greatness if it manages to get stabilised in the future.

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