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New Steam Library will have animated icons

Published: 13:43, 01 October 2019
Picture of the new Steam library
Steam library

Steam's updated library is in beta and offers fairly large preview icons for the games on the shelf and users already found a way to toy with the feature by adding animated images that enhance the experience.

Having enhanced previews of one's favourite games in a library is definitely a nice eye candy type of addition and Valve are doing just that with the new Steam library. Games that are "on the shelf" will have bigger images showcasing either key art or something that users choose themselves.

In the case of many people found on , they took it one step further by adding animated images that make the Steam library look like you are reading a newspaper in Hogwarts. While one might think these are GIF images in a hurry, the format is actually APNG that offers a few more features such as image transparency.

The users' creativity certainly creates bona fide pieces of art sometimes. This was the case with the as well as the great that could prompt a few people to reinstall Half Life 2. APNG certainly deserved a highlight here as well.

Some display over the top actions like in while other creations are a bit more minimalistic, providing the key imagery with the minimum game depiction, as was the case for the .

Valve Promotional image for Steam library update Steam library update

The one that took the cake for us was probably the as it certainly lightens the mood with the kooky tone, amplified by the pan kill. It certainly brings hope that one day we might see the where Geralt can't get his footing.

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