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New Starfield details: Singleplayer only, large and expansive cities, mods and more

Published: 13:59, 03 November 2020
starfield screenshot showing space and horizon

According to Bethesda's Todd Howard, Starfield will be a singleplayer only game, without multiplayer aspects. The Creation Engine has received a massive overhaul to suit the game which won't be revealed anytime soon.

In a recent  interview , Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard has revealed some interesting new details about the upcoming RPG Starfield, which is Bethesda's next major title. Howard confirmed that Starfield will be solely a singleplayer game without any multiplayer aspects, which is something that many players were eager to find out.

Howard also confirmed that Bethesda's criticised engine named the Creation Engine has received a major overhaul, with a jump larger than Morrowind to Oblivion. Howard said he's hopeful that people will be as happy as Bethesda when they see the results. 

Starfield will also feature procedurally generated planets, which will allow developers to create massive landmass but this does not mean worlds will be randomly generated in real-time like in No Man's Sky. It's simply an engine tool to create larger worlds, Howard said. The map will be much larger than Fallout 76's map. Starfield's alleged space station Starfield's (alleged) space station

As for the release date, it looks like it will take a while before we see Starfield in action. Howard does not feel comfortable talking about it just yet since the release can be subject to delays due to COVID-19. He did mention though that they don't want to reveal the game too early like CDPR did with Cyberpunk 2077. 

The studios that are currently working on the game include Bethesda Games Studio Dallas, Maryland and Montreal and the number of developers are at least four to five times larger than when they were working on Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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