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Spider-man's Gamescom trailer breaks down gadgets and suits

Published: 21:03, 22 August 2018
Spider-man slinging a web at a person's face

With the launch date of everyone's favourite web slinger coming in two weeks and two days at the time of writing, Sony and Insomniac Games delivered a trailer in which J. Jonah Jameson helps shed the light on Spider-man's suits and gadgets.

In case the name doesn't ring the bell, he's the editor-in-chief of Daily Bugle or if you prefer - the moustached guy you keep seeing on memes every now and again. As you can see, the new Spider-man trailer isn't very long but it definitely sticks to the comic's narrative, where Jamison just won't get off Spidey's back.

Anyway, the trailer reveals that Spider-man will have "several" suits, each with a different gimmick, meaning that picking the right tools for the job may turn out to be crucial at some points in the game.

There's the suit with sonic powers, which is basically a sonic knockback effect, the one with web spray, which incapacitates enemies, and even the one that lets Spider-man launch holographic duplicates of himself, confusing the enemies.

So, Spider-man's Batman belt, wink wink, will come with trip mines, spider drones and the web bomb. Trip mines are pretty self explanatory whereas the spider drones seem to be your helpful assistants who'll be buzzing around you, ready to attack whatever you're attacking.

The web bomb, on the other hand, is something like a mass incapacitation weapon, trapping a group of people into their own individual web cocoons. There will be no butterflies hatching from them though so Spider-man will still be required to crack some heads. From what combat we've seen on the trailer, we're sure nobody will mind, quite the contrary.

I've got to admit though, as insignificant detail as it may appear, the manner of presenting Spider-man's arsenal is pretty clever, since it doesn't just provide a dry list of features. It's a very subtle shade of effort that suggests the game will really be all that once it launches.

Spider-man is on track for launch on 07 September 2018 for PlayStation 4 and while we'd love to see some more combat, it's unlikely we'll see more trailers until it launches.

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