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Ubisoft tease Rainbow Six Siege Danish operator and new gadgets

Published: 06:49, 26 February 2019
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Rainbow Six Siege operator tease

Ubisoft have shared a high-resolution wallpaper on Twitter that includes a map of Denmark which suggest that the new Danish operator could be coming sooner than expected. There were also hints at a possible new Proximity Alarm gadget.

Even though the new update, Operation Burnt Horizon just recently landed on Rainbow Six Siege test servers, and it's coming pretty soon to their live counterparts, Ubisoft aren't wasting any time and have started to tease the Season Two of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4.

Some would expect that the publisher would turn the hype on the two new Australian operators, but Ubisoft have decided to offer a small hint at the upcoming Danish operator in their latest hint-littered wallpaper.

As you can see in the picture above, the wallpaper features newly revealed team leader Harry "Six" Pandey with a board and a bunch of photos and yellow sticky notes right behind him.

The interesting part is the map of Denmark and the notes and photos pinned right on top of it. The map itself is probably a reference to the new operator and the notes offer additional details on his playstyle. The Dane is "calculative" and an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" with the "ability to blend and adapt into an environment." 

Judging by this, it's likely that we're getting a Caveira-like operator with emphasis on stealth.

The new gadget mentioned on the notes was already leaked last year. Data-mined files revealed a transcript of the Italian operators' voice lines in which Maestro and Alibi are mentioning a Proximity Alarm that can be thrown and placed. 

Ubisoft picture showing three soldiers Rainbow Six Siege

You can see the same gadget on a small blueprint in the left part of the , it's right under the electronic gadgets list. Judging by its name, it's possible that Proximity Alarm is a deployable gadget with a sensor that probably emits an alarm when enemies are in nearby.

The new Danish operator is currently scheduled to arrive in the second part of Spring 2019. The update will also add a new American operator and rework of the Kafe map. You can check the full for more details.

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