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New Rainbow Six Siege cheats let players fly during prep phase

Published: 17:10, 04 January 2019
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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six cheaters have come up with a new way to finish off opponents as several players witnessed exploits such as flying during the prep phase and walking through walls. This way, cheaters are winning before the round even starts.

Ubisoft's tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been hit by a fresh wave of serious cheats and exploits that have been ruining the game for the last couple of days.

The first cheat is allowing the players to fly during the preparation phase when players are busy with fortifying or searching the objectives. Cheaters use the ability to quickly navigate to the enemy team location and finish them before the round even starts. 

This cheat can be seen in a Reddit post by a user named midz who shared the footage of one player from his team who used the exploit on the Hereford base map. As seen in the video, the player somehow teleports to one of the spawn points and kills the attacking team.

In another exploit, also shared on Reddit by CupCakeValhalla, the cheater is using Sledge operator making himself invisible while running through walls and hammering down the enemy team, again winning the round before anyone could fire a single bullet.

Additionally, players reported another exploit which glitches the screen. As seen in dankamushy video on Reddit, attacking team was running towards the objective when all of a sudden, weird graphical artefacts appeared on the screen for the whole team, making them easy prey for defenders.

Ubisoft Picture of Year One operators in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Year One operators

Ubisoft officially confirmed they are looking into this issue but at the moment, nothing has been said about the first two issues. For those who can't wait for Ubisoft's fix on glitch exploit, some players found out that turning off anti-aliasing and changing shadow quality in graphics settings fixes the issue.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that two-step will be mandatory for all players who want to play Ranked matches. This decision was forced due to a large number of cheaters but it looks like Ubisoft will need stronger measures to sanitise the game of those who ruin everyone's fun.

You can check flying exploit in midz  , Sledge cheater in CupCakeValhalla and graphical glitch exploit in danmushy  .

Rainbow Six Siege

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