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New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con version could introduce a traditional D-pad instead of buttons

Published: 09:24, 25 March 2021
screenshot showing a New patent hinting at a traditional D-pad solution
New patent hinting at a traditional D-pad solution

A new Switch Joy-Con patent has emerged online, suggesting that Nintendo might be working on a traditional D-pad implementation for the next iteration of the controller.

Rumours about the new Nintendo Switch just won't go away. Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that "Nintendo Switch Pro" console is indeed real and it's coming later this year with Nvidia DLSS implementation and OLED screen. 

Today, we have some new ramblings that fuels the Nintendo Switch Pro speculation. Courtesy of NintendoSmash , a new Switch Joy-Con controller patent has emerged online, hinting at some pretty big changes. 

The patent shows Switch Joy-Con with a traditional D-pad solution instead of four separate buttons. Check it out below:

NintendoSmash screenshot showingNintendo Joy-con patent Nintendo Joy-con patent

As the report states, the Joy-Con joystick is similar to the low Circle Pad used on the Nintendo 3DS, rather than the taller joysticks on normal Joy-Cons. Additionally, the major difference from the current Joy-Con are the two extra buttons on the lower half of the controller.

Could this be a solution for the rumoured Switch revision? Well, it's certainly possible but until we get an official announcement from the Japanese publisher, please take this with a grain of salt, just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed report.

For more Nintendo Switch content, check out the earlier rumours regarding Switch Pro and Nvidia Lovelace GPU architecture , which will reportedly be featured in the new console.

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