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New monuments revealed in the upcoming Europa Universalis patch

Published: 13:44, 09 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis IV introduces new monuments
Europa Universalis IV

The newest patch for Europa Universalis IV brings with it interesting changes. Though the patch release date is unknown, the details of monuments intended as additions are announced.

In the most recent dev diary, the upcoming changes of patch 1.31.5. were revealed. Namely those of new monuments in the game, along with their stats. The first three monuments were picked from fan suggestions, and made a reality, showing the community's influence in the game's development.

The first of the seven monuments added is the palace-monastery, El Escorial. Historically built on the outskirts of Madrid, this monument adds to government centralization as well as boosting the economy through tariff buffs.

Next in line is the Holy City of Jerusalem. The intersection of religions in the real world is portrayed as such in the game as well. The monument adds to missionary strength, as well as improving the prestige of the one who holds it.

The last of the fan-favorites is the Cerro Rico del Potosí, the richest mine in South America, and once the place of the region's most populous city. As is to be expected, the monument boosts the local and global economy but also reduces interest rates.

The three monuments the Tinto team have internally voted for are as follows:

The Kaaba in Mecca. The holiest site for Muslims, and the birthplace of Islam, with millions of Muslims making their Hajj pilgrimage there. It boosts prestige, religious unity, and holy war upkeep.

The Great Mosque of Djenné was the team's next choice. Its origins stretch to the Mali Empire, and it boosts monthly piety, missionary strength against Heathens, and adds a missionary.

Paradox Interactive The Imperial City of Hue The Imperial City of Hue

The final entry is the Imperial City of Hue. Built by the Nguyen dynasty, it symbolizes a unified Dai Viet. Its symbolism is transferred into buffs, as they help keep a unified territory and give the rulers more legitimacy.

The seventh monument is not actually a new addition, but one that is intended as a replacement. The Belém Tower is replacing the Pena Palace in Lisbon, and the team's thoughts are that the Tower represents the city since the Age of Discovery. the buffs are geared towards trade, exploration, and global monopoly in general.

Since the patch release date is yet to announced, modifier values are still liable to change, so players are encouraged to keep that in mind when calculating the potential of the new monuments.

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