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New League of Legends Cosmic skins have been revealed

Published: 12:43, 11 November 2020
Updated: 12:48, 11 November 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Vladimir - Cosmic Vladimir Splash art
Cosmic Vladimir

League of Legends Twitter account has revealed the nine upcoming Cosmic skins for Anivia, Illoai, Nami, Varus, Skarner, Hecarim, Nidalee Vladimir, and a Dark Cosmic skin for Lissandra.

Skins have always been one of the favourite features for a majority of League of Legends players. Even though they don't give any advantages in terms of stats, a brand new skin on your main champion feels very satisfying, to say the least.

Riot Games has often been criticized for prioritizing some champions over others when it comes to the number of new skins they are frequently releasing. It seems as though they took a different approach this time as they finally revealed three new gorgeous looking skins for champions that aren't that popular.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Skarner - Cosmis Skarner splash art Skarner will finally get his skin

The design team has continued their effort in producing skins for less popular champions and that's why our favourite crystalline scorpion, Skarner, will end his incredible five-year run without a skin. His latest skin was Guardian of Sands Skarner which was released on 26 April 2015.

To be completely fair, Skarner has always been one of the least popular champions in League of Legends as he currently holds below 1 per cent play rate for jungle in platinum and below. With eight new Cosmic themed skins, this skin line will have a total of 16 skins, and the Event Horizon skin theme will take the top spot with a total number of 30 skins. Similar to their predecessors, all of the new skins follow the same blue/purple theme.

Luckily we won't have to wait too long for these gorgeous-looking skins since they will join the live servers in two to three weeks.

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