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New Battlefield leak: 10-12 maps on launch, "Weatherlution" and more details revealed

Published: 13:44, 20 April 2021
screenshot showing Battlefield VI concept art
Battlefield VI concept art

According to the leak, Battlefield will have ten to twelve maps on launch but Dice plan to add two to three Conquest-size maps every two months or so. The leak also reveals additional details about the rumoured "Weatherlution".

Another day, another Battlefield 2021 "leak". This time, it's coming from an anonymous Reddit user, not Tom Henderson who is the usual suspect when it comes to leaking exclusive Battlefield details. 

The leaker states that their source was working with one of the support teams for the next Battlefield. The post includes already know information like the simple "Battlefield" naming and the game's scale but there are some interesting bits about the maps and new levolution system which also includes natural disasters like tornadoes, blizzards and more. 

So without further ado, let's check out the juicy details:

- The maps are going to be quite large and truly unlike anything you've ever seen before. My source relayed to me that DICE was looking at 10-12 maps at launch, and 2-3 conquest-size maps every 2 or so months.

- The primary game mode will be yet again an Operations variant, with it a "natural evolution" of BFV's Grand Operations mode. 

- "Weatherlution" is very dynamic, designed to change gameplay, rather than simply for spectacle. 

-An example of this would be a wildfire on a map set in the Urals. After the fire had burned the map, longer sight lines would open up, but the ground would camouflage anyone wearing dark brown/black, and the heat from the ground would mess up with thermal sights. 

- Vehicles in Battlefield are going to be similar to their BFV counterparts. Attrition is coming back, at least for vehicles. 

- The vehicle tech tree will also return, but it will be large (think BFV War in the Pacific vehicle tech tree size). Vehicle advancement will be class-based instead of type-based, due to the large amount of vehicles in the game. 

- The spawn system will revert back to BF4-style, due to the balancing issues that the BFV spawn system caused.

AltChar Battlefield 6 artwork showing logo and soldier Battlefield 6 artwork/mockup

The leak certainly sounds exciting but as always with unconfirmed info, take it with a grain of salt, until EA and DICE reveal more details about the game.

Battlefield reveal should be held in May 2021 with a release window set for Holiday season later this year.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

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