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New Apex leak suggests Octane is coming in the first battle pass

Published: 15:36, 06 March 2019
Updated: 12:17, 13 March 2019
Daily Esports
picture showing octane from apex legends
Octane artwork

According to the latest leak from Daily Esports, Apex Legends will introduce its new hero Octane in the upcoming battle pass which is dropping on 12 March 2019. The leak also reveals the first high-quality artwork of the new hero.

Update: Respawn Entertainment have officially responded to recent leaks regarding Apex Legends' Battle Pass release date and new character Octane. Respawn's Community Manager Jay Frechette offered some clarity on the Season One and datamining in the latest Reddit post and what he had to say on the matter.

Original Story: Respawn Entertainment's battle royale has been a subject of many leaks in the previous weeks. New weapons, and were data mined from the game's files, but one of the biggest leaks that appeared recently is the new hero named Octane.

The leaks which showed low-quality screenshots of the new hero started to surface on Reddit and we even got a first look at Octane's passive, tactical and ultimate . None of these leaks were confirmed by Respawn and at the moment they are just speculations but the latest leak claims that the developers will finally introduce Octane on 12 March 2019.

According to Daily Esports' source, Octane is coming in Apex Legends' first Battle Pass that Respawn officially confirmed in the Year 1 roadmap. Daily Esports also shared a high-quality artwork of the new hero, and as you can see above, Octane looks identical to the one seen in the leaked screenshots.

The leak also claims that Octane is the central promotional figure for the Battle Pass which "will not be purchasable with coins and will be a static item in the shop".

Respawn's official Year 1 roadmap reveals that the Battle Pass is scheduled for a release in March 2019, but other than that, the developers didn't share additional details about the content included in the pass.

However, they did confirm that every season will introduce a new hero, weapons, loot and cosmetics but it is unknown if Respawn will drop all this content at the same time or release it bit by bit across the four-month period.

Respawn picture showing an island Apex Legends Map

Apex Legends recently hit players in its first 30 days which is a remarkable milestone that not even Epic's Fortnite could reach in its first month. Respawn said that their plan is to support the game in the next ten years and the warm reception from the players will certainly help with that.

 Apex Legends is available for free on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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