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Nepal has unbanned PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds for now

Published: 09:58, 24 April 2019
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Nepal has banned PUBG recently and now it seems like they are reversing that decision, although it is unknown if anyone actually respected the ban to begin with. Fans of the game still filed an injunction and made the game legal again.

Nepalese fans didn't just give up on their favourite game as they almost immediately reacted to the government banning PUBG. The fans noted banning the game would go against the Constitution's stance on press freedom and freedom of expression, which put the politicians on defence almost immediately.

The petitioners stated that any game, using internet or other means, meant that these acts were related to their freedom of expression. Not wanting to go down a line that could be described as dictatorial or something similar, the Supreme Court intervened.

Weeks after Kathmandu District Court imposed the ban, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision made on 10 April 2019 was not reasonable and therefore stayed the ban for time being, as well as any orders that came subsequently. The cited reason for the Supreme Court's decision is that such a ban could adversely impact people's rights to freedom.

According to , the government had the power to impose a reasonable restriction of freedom of expression but the Constitution did not cover this particular case. Therefore, the ban on PUBG could not be justified and the game is legal in Nepal once again.

The ban kicked off on 11 April 2019 under the guise of hampering the students' studies and provoking violent behaviour among the players which resulted in Nepal Telecommunications Authority issuing a notice to all internet service providers to shut down traffic coming from PUBG.

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Himalayan does not mention whether the ISPs actually heeded the notice, hinting that the providers may have let their customers keep playing the game. Meanwhile, Iraq seems to be a bit more strict where both PUBG and Fortnite are still restricted.

PUBG may be in a pickle there but Tim Sweeney might buy timed exclusive rights on Iraqi player base so people can keep playing Fortnite.


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