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Need for Speed Underground looks absolutely stunning with new ray tracing mod

Published: 11:59, 24 February 2020
Need for Speed Underground screenshot showing ray tracing graphics
Need for Speed Underground with ray tracing

The modder named Stre1itzia added new ray-tracing shaders to the existing Need for Speed Underground Redux version of the game and the results are absolutely stunning.

It has been 17 years since players fired up Need for Speed: Underground for the first time ever. To this day, Underground is still one of the most iconic racing games of all time, and players have been craving for a proper remake of the game for years now.

Unfortunately, EA never listened and instead, we got visually similar titles like 2015's Need for Speed, which ultimately failed as just another weak entry in the iconic franchise. And while players are waiting for the remake of their favourite title, PC modders have been working on their own visually enhanced versions of the game.

Back in 2017, a complete graphical overhaul of the game named Need for Speed Underground Redux arrived, offering sharper textures, better lighting and other enhancements. However, the latest mod for the Redux version really brings a stunning transformation. It is a ray tracing mod from YouTuber Stre1itzia  who "ported Redux to a new version of ReShade and added new shaders including ray tracing".

The results are simply gorgeous, and all the reflections and lights just make us wanna jump straight into the game and fire up Toyota Supra while Get Low is playing in the background. Check out the mod in action in the video above.

The mod once again shows the power and advantages of the PC platform and everything that it offers over consoles. Playing a 17-year old game in 2020 may sound dull to many but with these mods, Need for Speed Underground becomes a totally different game, visually at least.

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