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EA could be teasing Need for Speed Underground Remaster

Published: 17:23, 18 June 2020
Need for Speed Underground screenshot showing ray tracing graphics
Need for Speed Underground with ray tracing

It looks like EA are teasing something related to Need for Speed Underground. Over at Need for Speed Twitter, the publisher posted a short clip which features the iconic song from Underground - Lil Jon’s Get Low.

Need for Speed Underground fans may finally get their new game if the latest tease from EA is actually what everyone assumes it is. Over at Need for Speed Twitter, the publisher have posted a new clip, which features the iconic song from Need for Speed Underground - Lil Jon’s Get Low. The song is playing over a sound wave graphic which features Need for Speed Heat logo.

Yes, it does not say much and it's definitely far from a confirmation that we are getting a Need for Speed Underground Remastered but that did not stop hundreds of Need for Speed fans to activate fully hype mode and start hoping for a new Underground game.

Need for Speed Community Manager Max Myrus also refused to confirm what exactly does this clip means. "We just vibin," he replied to one Twitter user when asked about the song.

EA Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed Heat

We suggest you don't get your hopes up just yet since this could indeed be just a clip with Get Low song that has been posted without any particular reason. However, if there is something more behind this, we will probably know tonight at EA Play event, which goes live at 4:00 PM PT/ 1:00 AM CET. 

Need for Speed Heat - a racing game by Ghost and Electronic Arts

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Need For Speed Heat

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