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Review Roundup: Need for Speed Heat goes back to series' roots

Published: 11:46, 09 November 2019
Need For Speed Heat

According to various gaming critics, Need for Speed: Heat is one of the better titles in the long-running street racing series. Heat is praised for its technical side, lots of content but it still fails to bring major, much-needed changes to the franchise.

New Need for Speed game titled Heat officially arrived earlier this week and according to reviews from both gaming critics and players, it's one of the better Need for Speed games in the last couple of years. Some may say that the new game didn't have any serious competition since 2015's Need for Speed and 2017's Payback were not the games players hoped they would be but it looks like Heat brings some new features to the table, which aim to be a breath of fresh air in the franchise.

At the moment, Need for Speed: Heat PS4 version stands at 73 Metascore on Metacritic with more than 18 reviews. It's worth mentioning that Xbox One scores are surprisingly different when compared to PlayStation 4 scores. Xbox One version sits at 77 Metascore and 7.2 user score and the reviews have more positive tone overall.

IGN gave Need for Speed: Heat 80 out of 100, saying that the developer Ghost managed to collect all exciting concepts and ideas from previous games and create a mosaic that "doesn’t always sizzle" but it’s a lot better than expected.  "This is easily the most impressive Need for Speed game in many years," IGN wrote.

One of the lowest scores comes from USgamer who gave the game 60 out of 100. Just like IGN, USgamer also thinks that Heat is like a collection of past Need for Speed titles. "A little Payback, a little Rivals, a little Hot Pursuit, a little Underground," they write and add that while this is a good foundation to build upon, the game is held back by weird AI issues, lack of variety and poor tuning in cop chases. "Maybe next-gen will see Ghost Games bringing a little more real heat," USgamer concluded.

EA Need for Speed Heat screenshot showing a yellow car with big spoiler Need for Speed Heat won't be a demanding title

All in all, it's safe to say that Ghost and EA once again failed to create a memorable Need for Speed game but at least Heat isn't plagued by loot boxes like it's predecessor. Heat looks like a game that can offer a lot of fun but only in the short term.

Need for Speed Heat - a racing game by Ghost and Electronic Arts

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Need For Speed Heat

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