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NBA 2K20 demo will let you try the game out two weeks early

Published: 14:10, 25 July 2019
Picture of Dwayne Wade on NBA 2K20 cover
NBA 2K20 - Dwayne Wade

2K Games have some great news for those anxiously waiting for the next instalment of their popular basketball game, NBA 2K 20, as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch owners can try the game out two weeks early, i.e. from 21 August 2019.

The offer officially starts at 08:01 am BST, after which NBA 2K20 demo players can get an early taste of the game's MyCareer mode.

Moreover, NBA 2K20 demo comes with the new MyPlayer builder, and you can take it out for a spin for two weeks before the official release hits the shelves.

"In the NBA 2K20 Demo, users can try out multiple MyPLAYER configurations to create the player that best fits their playstyle", 2K Games wrote.

As you'd expect from a demo, should you take a liking to your glorious MyPlayer creation, the progress you've made in NBA 2K20 Demo will carry over to the full game. 

Note, however, that NBA 2K20 Demo will be available exclusively on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, whereas the master race will have to wait for a proper release.

In the meantime, 2K Games confirmed that the cover athletes for NBA 2K20 will be Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade, although Wade will only be on the cover of the Legend edition, what with him retiring from pro basketball and all.

NBA 2K20's Standard and Digital Deluxe editions will come with Davis on the cover.

Preordering NBA 2K20 gets you Virtual Currency, MyTeam Points, MyCareer Skill Boosts, MyPlayer Clothing Capsule,10 MyTeam League packs and Heat Check packs, although the amount depends on whether you're going for the Standard, Digital Deluxe or the Legend packages.

Note that the Digital Deluxe and Legends packages come with Sapphire MyTeam Cover Athlete Cards, which in translation mean juiced up cover players, and these can come in quite handy in NBA 2K20.

2K Picture of Anthony Davis on NBA 2K20 cover NBA 2K20 - Anthony Davis

NBA 2K20 launches on 06 September 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, priced at $59.99 for the Standard, $79.90 for the Digital Deluxe and $99.99 for the Legend Edition.

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