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Mortal Shell beta is now live and free to play

Published: 00:01, 05 July 2020
mortal shell artwork showing combat
mortal shell

Souls-like fans just got a treat as Epic Games and Cold Symmetry announced that Mortal Shell has entered beta on EGS and it's free for everyone.

Mortal Shell is a hotly anticipated gmae since FromSoftware don't really have anything new to release for the fans just yet and Elden Ring's release date is still hanging in the air.

Cold Symmetry and Epic Games apparently anticipated the demand but couldn't guess how big it would be as fans poured in from everywhere. It was then that the magic happened.

Devs and Epic Games announced that Mortal Shell beta is now open for everyone, just like that, out of the blue. Unfortunately, the PC specs are not visible on the store page just yet so it will be a coin flip on whether weaker rigs will be able to run it.

In order to get into the beta, just visit the aforementioned store page and start the download. If you don't have Epic Games Launcher, you will need to download that first.

While Mortal Shell looks great from the promotional material we've seen so far, keep in mind this is an indie title and not a blockbuster from a firmly established studio.

In other words, expect the experience to be somewhat rough, especially because the game is still in beta. It would be rather rude to write the game off if it's not a smooth ride before being officially released.

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