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Monster Hunter: Rise's latest trailer is all about light weapons

Published: 21:31, 02 March 2021
Monster Hunter: Rise characters fighting a monster
Monster Hunter: Rise, o happy days!

Capcom continue with the reveals of Monster Hunter: Rise features, and this time around it's time for light weapons, i.e. sword and shield, dual blades, long sword and light bowgun.

Monster Hunter: Rise fans are being treated to a combination of fan favourites and some created specifically with this version of the game in mind.

That said, there are no new faces in the light weapons department - sword and shield, dual blades, long sword and light bowgun are well known to seasoned veterans. 

"Do you like to stay lightweight and mobile while hunting big beasties? If so, this selection of Monster Hunter Rise weapons is for you", Capcom wrote in the description. 

Seemingly plain, sword and shield can dish out a surprising amount of damage once you've learned to live with its lack of flashiness.

Dual blades are a classic Monster Hunter slice fest - where they lack in raw power, they make up in sheer speed. And there's the Demon mode, where you go even more ballistic than usual. 

Noticeably flashier than its shorter cousin, long sword rewards consecutive strikes, while the light bowgun is all about mobility. 

Monster Hunter: Rise may have been created with Nintendo Switch in mind, but Capcom won't be keeping it on the platform. The studio recently revealed that it will be launching on PC in early 2022, which still leaves Nintendo a decent period of exclusivity. 

Capcom have clearly been gauging the public interest in the game and improvising along the way, and the decision to expand the intended reach is a good one considering how many players took a liking to the Switch instalment. 

Monster Hunter: Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. 

Monster Hunter: Rise by Capcom, for Nintendo Switch

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: Rise, Bishaten

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